International Flight Tips

Traveling internationally is hectic. Period.

Here are some tips to keep you from pulling your hair out before and/or while on your voyage.
1. Make photocopies of all your travel documents. Leave copies with your friends/family and keep
extras in your carry on bag and in your suitcase. These documents include passports, IDs, and credit cards.


2. Call your bank and credit card companies to let them know where you are traveling and when. Nothing
will ruin your trip more than getting to your destination and all of your accounts being inaccessible to you.

3. Get the local currency of your destination at your bank. Do not- I repeat, DO NOT- exchange currency
at the airport or at your hotel. The exchange rates will always be the highest at airports and hotels.

4. Buy adapters. Here are some options (these are adapters I have used in the past and worked great for me):
Travel Smart Multi Plug
Lenmar World Travel Plug Set

5. If you haven’t already, you should invest in a suitcase with wheels.
You will thank yourself for making the purchase later.


Travel Icon

6. Plan your outfits ahead of time. Otherwise you will come to the end of your trip and
only have a dressy black top and black sweatpants and will just look like a confused ninja.

7. Use the rolling technique while packing to utilize space.

No, you roll the clothing. Not yourself….

8. In packing (especially your carry on bag) make sure to follow the TSA guidelines.

9. Just before the flight, take over-the-counter motion sickness medicine such as Dramamine or Bonine.

10. Don’t be one of those people that is wearing every article of jewelry they own, along with 12 layers. I don’t care how well-put-together you normally dress, if you are going on an international flight you want to be a) comfy and b) not the person holding up the line due to the absurd de-robing they have to do to get scanned through security.

11. Along those same lines, wear tennis shoes during your flight traveling. In case of an emergency, you don’t want to be wearing heels or moccasins and attempting to react quickly (AKA running).

12. Before you get where you are traveling to, you should also read this article about tipping in different countries (could save you embarrassment and confusion down the road).

13. You should take pictures every chance you get.

14. Going off of #11, you should be documenting the pictures you take. As much as you think you could never forget the places you saw or the people you met along your trip, you will. Or, you may end up attempting to research it later and think you were in Friedrichshafen, Germany while you were actually on the opposite end of the country in Friesoythe, Germany.

15. Try all the local cuisine you can. No matter how out of your comfort zone it is.

weird-looking-food-140                         weird-looking-food-111


16. Bring Pepto-Bismol for problems that arise from #15.

Happy Traveling!
– Haley

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